Project #2: Build Your Essential Prototype

Project #2: Build Your Essential Prototype

  • 🎯 Goal: Create a 3 frame mockup that communicates the essential features of your prototype to users
  • Deliverables: 1) Loom recording (3 min max) describing your prototype 2) a link to your Figma file
  • 👩🏻‍💻👨🏻‍💻Work Together: #project-support Slack channel
Fill out 3 frames with your prototype design
Fill out 3 frames with your prototype design

Guidelines for the project


We do not expect you to create a production-ready design. Your goal is to rapidly convert your ideas to visual mockups.


Your recording should describe the key features of your app and the problem it's looking to solve. Feel free to be creative.


In the Resources section below we included links to free Figma UI templates, icon packs, and design inspirations.

Project selection

You can choose your own project or use our default project. While you can choose to design a mobile or desktop app, we recommend building a mobile app for this project. Desktop apps are often more complex and require more time to design.


Default project: Stems, the Instagram for Plants. Stems lets plant lovers share photos and descriptions of their favorite green friends. Users can comment on plants and save the plants they like. OPTIONAL features you can add: Share watering schedules, purchasing plants, trading plants

If you decided to choose your own project, you will be asked to submit a project description along with a Figma link to your prototype.

Project 2 draft guideline

The purpose of the Project 2 Draft is to quickly create a barebones explanation of your idea for feedback. The quickest way to express your ideas is often with a wireframe. For the draft, please fill out the following questions and attach a wireframe of your prototype. You can hand draw the wireframes if you find that easier.

You do not need to make this draft visually appealing or highly detailed. The purpose of a wireframe is to demonstrate the essential features of your app and get feedback from your peers. Do people understand the core concept of your app? Are the features you're building clearly and concisely solving a problem for your user? Your short written explanation and wireframes should help answer those questions.

Example by Kevin Huang 👨🏻‍🏫

What is your product?

Youniversity is an online learning platform for education creators to easily create and manage cohort-styled online courses. It also serves as a marketplace for students to discover and sign up for classes. Creators can use Youniversity to create a class, gather signups. After the class is kicked off, creators can answer student questions and manage class dynamics via web dashboard.

Why do you choose to work on this product?

Cohort-based online course are awesome, but they are very fragmented. There's not a good place to discover these classes for students. Creators often times have to stitch together quite a few tools to make such cohort experience work.

Who are your target users?

Education creators who are interested in teaching online and interacting directly with students rather than selling courses as a passive income.


🎉 Share on Slack!

Be sure to share your file project on Slack at #finish-line to get feedback from the community!